When communities work together, they are able to accomplish the specific goals they desire to accomplish for CCOMU.

In addition, Partnership helps provide children with education, nutrition, basic medical support, along with regular Christian discipleship and mentorship.

Our Ministry serves more than 25,000 children and youth. We are establishing programs that equip communities and families to move towards self-sustainable transformation which includes tailoring, poultry, farming, goats reading, piggery farms.

You can partners with us by doing the following;
• Buying for us land where to construct a church, school vocational school, Health Centre and child development home.
• Buy Tailoring machines for the women groups, buy sawing fabrics.
• Buy cows, goats, pigs to be given out to the communities.
• Support our radio programs and finances.
• Support the feeding program for the Children by purchasing food.
• Help pay the teachers allowances.
• Support the primary school by buying desks, text books and feed the children, and pay teachers’ salary.
• Support the church by buying bibles, supporting translation of hymns, buying seats, key board and supporting the choir and Sunday school program.
• Support the Hospital and prisons ministry both financially and mentally.
• Support the disabled ministry by sending the special needs child of your choice to a special needs school, buying wheel chairs for those in need, buying books, pens, matreses, blankets and mosquito nets to be distributed to them.
• Support the elderly ministry, by letting us know the donations you can make to help them with feeding, clothing, bedding and Medication.
• Support the village housing ministry by supporting the construction of houses to the most needy community members.
• Support the congregation Pastor by enabling him secure a car to help him with the work of evangelism and outreach.
• You can help the community by digging boreholes to the community.
• You can help the community by providing solar lamps and solar panels for the community.

If you are interest in supporting any of the above programs, contact us by filling the form below.