Children  are our Future and we have a passion to reach them with the life changing message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ while supporting them through different programmes as listed below;-


During the process of outreach and evangelism in the community of Kaliro, children for Christ Outreach Ministries, evangelized and catechized the community with Lutheran teaching and hence the establishment of Kaliro Lutheran Church where the kids, the staff and the Community members come for worship every Sunday. Its young congregation which is growing so fast. We worship in a temporary church structure situated on a borrowed piece of land.

If you are interested in supporting Kaliro Lutheran Church or partnership, you can contact Pastor Simon Peter at the email address below:


This programme provides a unique opportunity for reaching the public and private schools plus the entire community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Clubs are held directly in schools or in neighbourhood homes,community centers,churches,hospitals ,playgrounds,streets,hospitals,prisons and whenever Children can gather .They meet after schools one day a week for two hours.The hours include Bible lessons,Memory Verse,songs,and review games.Trained Volunteers are on hand to assist leading the children to Christ.The Purpose of the afterschool kids club is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Establish(disciple)them in a local church for Christian living.


Very many families in the Community of Kaliro have very poor housing conditions. Through this village programme, we try to encourage them through door to door prayers and giving them hope that one day their housing condition will be improved. So together, me and you can provide a health residential environment for these people.

The community members here live on papyrus mud houses with very poor conditions due to poverty. Through this program, if you are interested in constructing a small permanent house to these members you are welcome. A two roomed permanent house can cost $2,000 to construct.


CCOMU has a bible ministry for the children where by children come in two times in a week for both bible study and chapel. This helps to keep the children in line with God since this is a Christ Centered Ministry.


We visit the elderly groups in their homes in the community. We encourage them through prayers and some domestic support especially to those who are more helpless. We do this so that they can come out from send you ok?


We always do prison visits to the children in the prisons, share with them the Word of God, pray for them and encourage them in their life situation. We show them that they are not alone but we are with them in their situation. “…I was in prison, and ye came unto me.” – Mt 25:36.


CCOMU operates a Radio Ministry Which offer physiological support, biblical wisdom, and entrepreneurship skills for development, spiritual edification and insight to the Children and the youth including the masses.