Education Sponsorship



So you can support the education of the orphans and needy children through sponsorship. Sponsoring a young person will give you connection with a child in Uganda to ensure that they get the education opportunities they deserve.

Anyone can become CCOMU sponsor wherever they live. We welcome any sponsorship option that suits you. We have some sponsors, some families, some businesses, religion groups and even schools.

A $ 38 monthly sponsorship provides a child in primary school with school fees, medicine, lunch, school uniforms and the tools for the teachers to use.

A $ 45 monthly sponsorship also provides a child in secondary school with school fees, medicine, lunch, school uniform. When you sign up to sponsor we will send you a sponsorship packet in the mail with more information about our programs and how to get in touch with your newly sponsored child.

When making decisions to sponsor we encourage you to contribute money for three months since school terms in Uganda runs for three terms.


Children for Christ Outreach Ministries Uganda runs pre and primary schools for 400 orphans (needy and most vulnerable children in the Community of Kaliro).

These children come from the poorest families after seeing the need for a school in the Community. Before setting up this school, the school which was available in the area was at 17kms and many orphans, needy could not afford the cost. We currently operate on a temporary structure.

Someone borrowed us the land where we are operating right now. We need a land where to construct a permanent school structure.


More than 40 percent of women in Africa do not have access to basic education. Some 584 million women are illiterates.

More than 80% of farmers in Africa are women. Women earn only 10% of the world’s income. They work 2/3 of all labour hours worldwide.

Some 2 million children mostly girls are enslaved in the global sex trade. Empower women to help children. When women are empowered to lead full and productive lives, children and families prosper only through adult education that the women can prosper.