Children Programmes

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Children  are our Future and we have a passion to reach them with the life changing message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ while supporting them through different programmes as listed below;-


CCOMU has a special needs program for the children in the program. Our intention is to offer free education physiotherapy, and occupational therapy to these children. We have more than 20 children in CCOMU special needs programs.

In Uganda some children with disabilities are often ostracized and discriminated from societies. So we work together with communities and families to break down.

Some of the traditional misconceptions that children curses to the community we want to educate and empower them to realize the individual potential that all children have.


The community of Kaliro has the problem of health. People travel 14Kms to reach where this health center is. So CCOMU buys some drugs to help the needy community. Helping the girl children with sanitary pads.



Children for Christ Outreach Ministries Uganda runs a food program for the kids in the community. Several children in the community of Kaliro suffers from Malnutrition. This is because of lack of enough food and also lack of knowledge on feeding. So children for Christ helps support the malnourished children who are suffering with malnutrition disease with some food and also teaching those who cares for them on good feeding program. So we have a feeding program for the kids. We have children who only get one meal in a day from school and when they go home, they sleep hungry without food.

So with feeding program you can support the ministry with purchase of food which can be cooked for the kids to eat so that they don’t go hungry.


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We have HIV/AIDs Program for children, Youth and entire Community of Kaliro. We do counseling, guidance and sensitization. We Counsel the HIV/AIDS how to live a positive life. Also the women and the children perform music, dance and drama to continue sensitizing the community on the scourge of HIV/AIDs.


Children for Christ Outreach Ministries Uganda have different choir groups which meets for training every week. We have the Sunday School Choir, Youth Choir and the Adult Choir.


The kids at children for Christ Primary School performs music, dance and drama to convey education message of Salvation to fellow kids and the Community at large.


The Children and the youth also participate in Sports and games and this helps them also to gather together so that its easy to minister and evangelize them.