About us

CCOMU is a call to rally around the “Great Commission”. We call believers into action by this reminder: “The Commission is Still Great” (Matt. 28:19). We envision working globally to advance the kingdom of God through good works to help individuals and communities flourish. (Matt. 5:16). We are a Christian humanitarian organisation that aids both in missions awareness and humanitarian relief & development globally.
CCOMU is an evangelistic ministry that primarily focuses on providing humanitarian relief and development globally. We do this as an active demonstration of the love and power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus the Christ. We are compelled by Jesus’ model of ministry in Mark 6:30-44: Jesus first saw the real need of the people, and then was moved by compassion to serve. This is what we work to accomplish using the platform we are given; we desire to help empower whole communities, and we understand that this task may take different forms depending on the community; therefore, we are committed to serve in whatever capacity we can to accomplish this. Jesus commanded us as disciples to let our light shine before men in such a way that when they see our good works, they will give glory to our Father in heaven.

CCOMU primarily partners with local churches and other ministries in the places in which we work, but we also work independently as the Lord leads. We take a holistic approach in addressing physical and spiritual poverty, and work to see people lifted up from their poverty into abundant living in Christ and all He has for them. 


To go and make disciples of all nations including the children and the youth. To outreach/ carry out visitation to children and youth in slums, prisons, hospitals and schools.


Christ Centered Organisation that engages supporters and allows financial resources in order to provide education training, health care and spiritual development to needy children and families in Uganda.


Below are the aims and objectives of CCOMU for which it was formed:

1.      Evangelism

1)    To carry out outreach and evangelism to the children, widows and youth who are unreached.

2)   To carry out bible study to the youth and children in schools, streets, slums, hospitals and prisons.


2. Help and Sensitisation

  1. Sensitisation: to sensitise the children, widows and the youth on the dangers of HIV/AIDS and also help fight stigma through emphasising positive living.
  2. Advocacy: To advocate for the rights of the children, widows and the youth
  3. Strengthening the poor: spiritual development (church planting, teaching/training)
  4. Empowering the poor: to promote and encourage Education training, rehabilitation and general welfare of the orphaned children and youth.

3. Social and Economic Development

  1. Building orphanages, hospitals/clinics, wells, etc to ensure proper health and also offer health nutritional, hygiene and sanitation training.
  2. Renderring a hand of hope to widows and give them a reason to live a better life spiritually, financially and socially hence nurture a better society.
  3. Building training facilities such as schools and ministry training centres to take up orphans and youths under terrible conditions.
  4. Empowering youth with vocational studies to improve their skills so they can fend for themselves in this competitive world.
  5. To promote straight talk forums and family life education among the youth also offering counselling services.