A touching story about Christine

Here are these three boys Baalange Daudi P.2, Baalange Hosea top class, and Baalange Dan who has not yet begun going to school. These three boys were abandoned by their father .They remained with their mum and since everything in the town deals with cash, their mother found life very difficult as she could no longer afford paying for school fees for the boys, buying food, clothings, medication and also paying for the house rent. So what the mother decided was to abandon the children and got married to another man in another district far away.

The elder girl also after seeing that their Mum has abandoned them was impregnated from home since she could no longer go to school due to school fees Problem. Life became hard for these kids and they were sent away from the house where they were staying. They became homeless until one good Samaritan by the name Kwagala Christine decided to pick these Children and became their guardian. Kwagala is also a widow whose husband died of HIV/AIDS and she also doesn’t have enough support but because of having a heart to help she felt sympathetic that she should rather stay with these kids in her small house. Christine needs support at this moment.

So if you are among those ones who have the heart to care then please let us hear from you. When I shared with Christine, her main Challenging parts are, access to medication, School fees for these kids, Clothings, feeding and housing bill. Your help will be very important.


Here is a photo of Christine and the Children she takes care of.



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