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Children for Christ Outreach Ministries Uganda (CCOMU) is an outreach ministry to the needy Children and the youth in Uganda. It was founded by Pastor Simon Peter Waako in 2006.

CCOMU is an evangelistic ministry that primarily focuses on providing humanitarian relief and development globally. We do this as an active demonstration of the love and power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus the Christ. We are compelled by Jesus's model of ministry in Mark 6:30-44:

Jesus first saw the real need of the people, and then was moved by compassion to serve. This is what we work to accomplish using the platform we are given; we desire to help empower whole communities, and we understand that this task may take different forms depending on the community; therefore, we are committed to serve in whatever capacity we can to accomplish this. Jesus commanded us as disciples to let our light shine before men in such a way that when they see our good works, they will give glory to our Father in heaven.

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